Oracle Enterprise Performance Management

The times are constantly evolving and changing, and organizations must continually adapt and make data-driven decisions to remain competitive and successful. One of the most crucial aspects of this process is enterprise performance management (EPM), which encompasses various tools and strategies to plan, analyze, and execute an organization’s financial and operational activities. Tibura is a […]

Best Enterprise Performance Management Software

enterprise performance management software

Tibura is one of the leading names in the realm of Enterprise Performance Management software. Let’s focus deep into what makes Tibura stand out as the best EPM software, and explore the various aspects that make it a preferred choice for businesses of all sizes. Before we begin, let us know what Enterprise Performance Management […]

3 Steps For a Successful Financial Consolidation Project.

Is your organization currently using excel for consolidation and planning to transform it into a system-based consolidation process? There are 3 key steps that should be completed before embarking on a Financial Consolidation project for your legal and management reporting. Key Benefits of automating your consolidation process are Trial balance data collection from the subsidiaries […]

Move your Retail Budgeting Process from Excel and Gain Insights with Oracle EPM Cloud.

Retail Sector 2023 Outlook from Experts “More than 70% of retailers in Asia Pacific plan to open more stores in their existing markets in 2023.” Source: CBRE’s Asia Pacific Real Estate Market Outlook “Singapore’s consumer sector cautiously optimistic about 2023” Source “Retail industry expected to have growth rate in 2023.” Source: Malaysia Retail Industry […]