An Accurate, Flexible and Quick Way
to Consolidate and publish your reports

Experience the power of an integrated Financial Consolidation and Close suite of product that can help you Unlock visibility,
accuracy, speed, and efficiency across your financial consolidation and close process.

Leverage Oracle Finance Application
for modernized business process.

Tibura builds quick deployment solutions for industry verticals based on our experience and enables
the organization to achieve the results accurately and shorter implementation timeframe.

Automate and Accelerate
the Close

Reduce the need for customization and increase the accuracy and speed of the close process. Automatically calculate cash flow, balance sheet, income statement, rollovers, calls to action and more. Pre-built consolidation support makes it easy to reclassify, adjust and eliminate data for any hierarchy with complex legal and management rollups.

Flexible Reporting

Fulfill reporting requirements such as budget books in the public sector and annual reports in the private sector. Bring in subject matter experts to work on report sections and provide the most accurate information available.

Efficient Transaction

High-transaction volume, labour-intensive reconciliations require sophisticated transaction matching features. The auto-match engine tightly integrates with period-end reconciliation to provide evidence of reconciliation at a point in time and meet compliance requirements.

Increase the accuracy
and speed of the close

Reclassify, adjust, and eliminate data for any hierarchy with pre-built consolidation support. Work easily with the most complex legal and management rollups that may have unique calculations and reporting requirements.

Intercompany eliminations, translate currencies and consolidate globally

Experience automated intercompany eliminations, currency translations and global consolidations with Oracle’s globally scalable data engine. Automatically account for complex consolidations or divisions with different ownerships, currencies, and registration requirements.


Tibura’s prebuilt integration with different ERP systems allows the business to adopt Oracle Financial close regardless of non Oracle ERP Systems.

Doing Financial Consolidation and Close in the “Oracle EPM” Way!

An all-inclusive solution for successfully and efficiently managing the consolidation and closure process is offered by Financial Consolidation and Close on the Oracle EPM Cloud. Organizations can have complete confidence in their financial consolidation, closing, and reporting procedures regardless of the size of their business. The Oracle EPM cloud’s Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud speeds up the closing process from data reconciliation, data collection and report generation to the shareholders and management executives.

With sound financial consolidation and a close platform in place, you can manage your financial close cycles, collect, audit and data storage as well as get valuable insights into your financial performance with serious reporting. Tibura’s FCC experts have decades of experience in consolidation and close implementation, training and managed services.We have a proven track record and specialization to help you leverage cutting-edge solutions, methods and tools to ensure improved ROI.

“In an ever changing digital transformation landscape
business should always adapt to the latest technologies for
their business to take advantages of the offerings and stay
ahead in the competition to keep your customers happy” 

Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Solutions

Streamline your data collection and manage your group and subgroup consolidation process with auto eliminations, currency translation, Non Controlling Interest, supplemental Data collectionand Equity calculations with pre built functions to meet global finance reporting requirements , IFRS and GAAP.
Help Organizations manage efficient transaction matching and reconciliation with intelligent automated match suggestions and rule based reconciliations. Reduce your risk and increase your accuracy for high complex reconciliations with unlimited data sources.
Collaborate and speed up your Monthly Management and Annual report process with data from multiple data sources, manage version control . Prepare and publish reports with reusable templates for internal and external stakeholders reporting

Finance Consolidation benefits

Industry Best Practises

Streamline process learned through industry best practises to better business outcomes.

Data Everywhere

Get better insights of your business and seize every new opportunity and open up a word of greater possibilities.

Improved Automated process

Spend more time on financial analysis by automating your redundant manual close process

Reliability and Accuracy

Improved Reliability and Accuracy in Financial reporting to all the stakeholders both internally and externally.

Success Stories

Leading Electronics Chip Manufacturer
in Singapore

Improved Consolidation close cycle for Actual data replacing excel based consol sheets.

Automated intercompany elimination process, Translation process with standard configuration.

Flexibility to add multiple reporting structure for different reporting needs.

Detailed Supplementary Disclosure information and Schedules for Annual Report.

Holding Entity with diversified business interests in Rubber, Defence and Industrial Machineries

Integrated Financial Consolidation with automatic fees from multiple ERP Systems.

Shorten the data collection process, automate eliminations.

Detailed Supplementary Disclosure information and Schedules for Annual Report.

Leading Retail Brand
in Asia Pacific

Improved Budgeting and Forecasting cycle with ZBB Budget process,Trend based budget

Automated Budgeting methods for Income, Expenses , Balance Sheet and Cashflow

Shorten the data collection process from subsidiaries across the globe and move away from excel based budget sheets.