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Product Listing | Inventory Sync | Order Fulfilment

The Challenge​

With the advent of technologies world is getting closer than ever giving great opportunity for a business to thrive and succeed.  Reaching more customer base is easier than ever thanks to the  flourishing ecommerce platforms, marketplaces and aggregators.

What makes it difficult for a  business difficult is  to manage them.

  • Curate and List the product across various marketplaces and platforms
  • Managing and fulfilment the orders
  • Keeping better control of Inventory Management

Often ecommerce managers ends up more on managing the day to day operations rather than focusing and expanding the horizons. 

How better your day can be ?

How better a day could be  when  technology can help our on your day to day operations with much ease and comfort. Ecommerce managers can configure rules and schedules and  

Automate the end to end operations of the business.  From Product Management to Inventory and from order to fulfilment every process in the business can be fully automated helping you to concentrate on the brand promotions.  

Tibura – Xtend is an all-in-one e-commerce integration platform that can help you simplify and streamline your online business


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Automated Product Listing

Curate and list your product across different ecommerce channels and have a better managed collections that can possibly give every details about your product.  

Stay Ahead on your deliveries

Bring back the smile. Explore and integrate with different logistics providers & warehouse system  and provide your customer a hassle free fulfilment services  

Realtime Inventory Synchronisation

Oversold – Never with Tibura Xtend. Rule based workflow and automation can sync an optimum level of inventory in your marketplaces and earn a good reputation with your customer.  

Valuable Insights

Is that all ? With Smart Analytics Data driven dashboard compare, analyze and unlock the true potential of the business and reach better heights  

Few Brands that use Tibura -Xtend

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How it works​


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