API & Microservices 

Data Everywhere 

Deep drive into the prospects of the API & Microservices development and immerse yourself  into the endless decisions  

Scalability | Flexibility | Availability | Cost

Are you ready for the challenge ? 

Gone are those days where one application is enough to cater your needs. 

We are living in a digital world where there is an limitless possibilities  of exchanging data.  Every device becomes a powerful data centre. Integrating them and collecting data has become a biggest challenge for a business.  

The solutions

APIs and Microservices are an integral part of today’s technology landscape. By using APIs integration to different devices and platforms businesses can quickly create powerful applications and add new features to existing ones. Microservices help break down large software systems into smaller, more manageable pieces that can be individually tested and deployed with ease. 

 Both APIs and microservices have revolutionized the way we build, deploy, and manage applications 

A framework from Tibura

Tibura API Framework  allows you   to quickly integrate data and services from multiple systems into your  applications in a more secured and safest way. 

Our Expertise in building the Microservice architecture technology landscape is more scalable , flexible and the successful agile development practices that we bring in help you build   a large system and breaking them into smaller components that can be developed in parallel and independently of each other. This helps ensure faster bug fixes, faster testing cycles, and easier maintenance for software development teams 


“With the advent of technology stacks every device is data power centre and it is very important for a business to develop strategies   to collect and analyze this data. API built around Microservices Architecture are the answers for the todays business”