Drive Digital Finance Transformation
with Oracle ERP/EPM Applications

Unlock the power of Oracle ERP/EPM to optimize operations across the organization including Sales,
HR and Finance departments. Increase efficiency, drive strategic planning initiatives, and make
informed decisions.

Leverage Oracle Finance Application
for modernized business process.

Tibura builts quick deployment solutions for industry verticals based on our experience and
enables the organization to achieve the results accurately and shorter
implementation timeframe.

Fusion Enterprise Resource

Complete, Modern Cloud ERP to automate manual process with built in analytics

Financial consolidation
and close

An automated close helps companies to streamline the end-to-end close so that more time can be spent on analysis and taking actions.

Enterprise Planning and

Align strategic, financial, and operational goals with connected planning from Top down, Bottom up budget and scenario analysis.

Profitability and Cost

Drive Profitability decision across business units , product lines by building transparent and efficient allocation models for Indirect Costs.


Improve Efficiency with single scalable repository using Transaction matching and automatic reconciliations.


Meet internal and external reporting needs with Oracle Cloud EPM Narrative Reporting.

Transform Your Business with Tibura’s Oracle Experts

At Tibura, we understand that digital finance transformation is a big undertaking; thus, our experts help organizations develop strategic plans that focus on leveraging oracle technologies for maximum efficiency and automation of financial processes. By doing so, companies can rest assured that their oracle solutions are being used efficiently while they gain optimal value from their oracle applications.

Oracle ERP and EPM Cloud enables organization at all levels CXO, VPs and Management to make informed, data-driven decisions that will improve overall financial processes and streamline efficiencies. Additionally, standardizing financial processes across departments can eliminate redundancies and inefficiencies. This ensures more accurate data tracking and reporting for better decision-making across the organization.

Finance transformation benefits

Oracle ERP/EPM Implementation Services
At Tibura, we have a proven experience implementing Oracle ERP, EPM Solutions for finance functions across different industries and geographies. Tibura has helped business adapt to Oracle ERP/EPM Cloud based on client’s requirements and business needs. We have industry specific models to quickly deploy the Oracle EPM application for the business to get fast ROI.
Managed Services
Tibura has a dedicated Managed services team with mix of Functional Consultants, Database Engineers, API Specialist, Technical consultants to handle the customer queries and needs. If you need additional support to address your queries in the maintenance of your system be it on premises or cloud , what should be done for the old version of Operating systems, any security patches, Tibura’s managed services will be there to answer your questions for your business needs.
Modernize your EBS/Hyperion Applications with OCI
Are you using any old version of Hyperion / EBS application and if you are looking at the option to modernize it? Tibura’s expertise provide a free assessment of your application and advises whether your on premises application can be modernized and move to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure retaining the same customization done to meet your business needs.

“In an ever changing digital transformation landscape
business should always adapt to the latest technologies for
their business to take advantages of the offerings and stay
ahead in the competition to keep your customers happy” 

Proven success stories

Leading Electronics Chip Manufacturer
in Singapore

Improved Consolidation close cycle for Actual data replacing excel based consol sheets.

Automated intercompany elimination process, Translation process with standard configuration.

Flexibility to add multiple reporting structure for different reporting needs.

Detailed Supplementary Disclosure information and Schedules for Annual Report.

Holding Entity with diversified business interests in Rubber, Defence and Industrial Machineries

Integrated Financial Consolidation with automatic fees from multiple ERP Systems.

Shorten the data collection process, automate eliminations.

Detailed Supplementary Disclosure information and Schedules for Annual Report.

Leading Retail Brand
in Asia Pacific

Improved Budgeting and Forecasting cycle with ZBB Budget process,Trend based budget

Automated Budgeting methods for Income, Expenses , Balance Sheet and Cashflow

Shorten the data collection process from subsidiaries across the globe and move away from excel based budget sheets.

Ready for Oracle EPM Transformation?

With experience and expertise in Oracle EPM applications, we help you
capitalize on the power of Oracle for data-driven decision-making and robust business performance.