3 Steps For a Successful Financial Consolidation Project.

Is your organization currently using excel for consolidation and planning to transform it into a system-based consolidation process? There are 3 key steps that should be completed before embarking on a Financial Consolidation project for your legal and management reporting. Key Benefits of automating your consolidation process are Trial balance data collection from the subsidiaries […]

Move your Retail Budgeting Process from Excel and Gain Insights with Oracle EPM Cloud.

Retail Sector 2023 Outlook from Experts “More than 70% of retailers in Asia Pacific plan to open more stores in their existing markets in 2023.” Source: CBRE’s Asia Pacific Real Estate Market Outlook “Singapore’s consumer sector cautiously optimistic about 2023” Source https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/singapore/singapores-consumer-sector-cautiously-optimistic-about-2023 “Retail industry expected to have growth rate in 2023.” Source: Malaysia Retail Industry […]